Recruit Payroll is specifically designed to run payroll for recruitment agencies or companies with many employees where irregular payment patterns are common.


The software has the capacity to run thousands of payments simultaneously and to manage processes across different companies under one management portal.

The Recuit Payroll platform has the capability to run the payroll of several different payment models at the same time, including PAYE, various Umbrella models and CIS.


Recruit Payroll's functionality is not limited to the Umbrella/ irregular payment market, as simple PAYE can be calculated and processed. This means the platform is also perfect for internal payroll administration and PAYE Bureau services.

Bulk Payroll Processing

  • Process 1000’s of payroll records in just a few seconds.

  • Process payroll for multiple companies in a single click.

  • Bulk update details for companies and employees.

  • Generate different BAC’s formats to suit a range of banks.

White Labelled portal

  • Employee can login to their portal to access their payslips.

  • Employer can send bulk documents to employees.

  • Send pension communication letters in bulk.

  • Ability to issue contract of employment from the Employee login portal if required.

  • Varied payslip designs to suit clients preferences.

Statutory Automation

  • Automatically calculate Tax, NI, Student Loan Deductions, AEO, Holiday pay, Statutory pay.

  • Supports all AEO Deductions.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Calculate, analyse and process your payrolls from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • State-of-the-art backup and recovery system.

  • Ensure complete security and business continuity, even in extreme scenarios.

Access Permission

  • Restrict visibility for the user by assigning Roles and Permission sets.

  • Keep the payroll data secured.

Auto Enrolment

  • Supports NEST, Pension Now, and People’s pension.

  • Set-up pension schemes instantly.

  • Automatically assess and enrol employees.

  • Automatically calculate and send pension contributions to various pension schemes.

  • Send pension communication letters in bulk.

Real-time Reporting to HMRC

  • Send RTI submissions FPS, EPS and EYU in bulk for multiple companies.

  • Generate P60’s and P45’s easily.

Flexible Reporting

  • Pre-formatted reports ready for Xero and Sage.

  • A wizard for quick and easy generation of Intermediary Reports.

  • Multiple Candidate, Payroll and User reports already available.

  • Coming soon a custom reporting wizard.

HR Management

  • Upload specific documentation to each employee profile.

  • Add call logs to employee profiles to detail any communication.

  • Send emails and SMS straight from the system, templates can be customised and sent on either platform.

  • Assign tasks to a user and track the status of the task

Prospect Invoicing

  • In order to meet prospective invoice deadlines timesheets can be added and invoiced for “part registered” contractors. This allows clients to meet invoice deadlines whilst still gathering missing information to make a candidate fully live and ready for payroll.

Salary Calculator

  • Users can get a full breakdown of the employee’s statutory deductions and take home pay illustrations quickly and easily direct from the platform.

  • Calculate either PAYE or Umbrella (CIS, Joint-Employment, PEO, PAYE), hourly or daily payment rates, and with expenses (if applicable).

Super Quick and Easy Payroll

  • 1 click payroll.

  • 1 click candidate communication either by email or text message.

  • Electronic tax code retrieval from HMRC gateway and automatically updated to your workers profiles.

Agency Management

  • Manage your Agency contacts using the system to log and store contact information.

  • Email your Agency's direct from the portal.

  • The agency user profile allows your Agency access to their invoices for approval and even the ability to upload their own timesheets direct.

Online Candidate Sign Up

  • Candidate sign up wizard freeing up your time.

  • Online application reporting giving users a breakdown of the position of their candidates applications.

  • Integrations with MyDocSafe and HelloSign for contract signatures.

Multiple Timesheet Inputs

  • Users can bulk import or do manual entry.

  • Candidates can enter in their own timesheets during User set timesheet windows.

  • Agency access allows bulk upload or manual entry of timesheets.


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