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Recruit Payroll Becomes Octopaye!

We made a splash in the recruitment sector when we launched Recruit Payroll and 2 years later, we’re continuing to make waves.

This week Recruit Payroll is rebranding as the company extends its offering and becomes Octopaye!

Introducing Octopaye

Octopaye takes all the features of Recruit Payroll and takes them a step (or should that be eight steps) further. It is cloud-based, intelligent, secure, and scalable payroll software that does the legwork when it comes to processing hundreds of payslips in just a few clicks.

Octopaye - Payroll software with legs

Octopaye was officially launched this week (October 2020) and is a solution born out of years of experience in recruitment, payroll management, and Human Resources. The team here at Recruit Payroll knows how effective our software is in managing the needs of modern-day businesses when it comes to processing multi-location, multi-user payroll. We also knew the software had legs beyond the recruitment space.

The ability to log in securely to this cloud-based software and make multi-site, multi-user payments in just a few clicks makes Octopaye an ideal solution for large accountancy practices and franchise networks as well as recruitment agencies.

What our users love about Octopaye is that it’s innovative, white-labelled software that integrates with third-party systems including HR reporting and an integrated CRM. It’s a consolidated payroll function where users can log in from any location, at any time of day to manage multi-payrolls from a single dashboard.

Most importantly, Octopaye saves users time, energy, and money when it comes to running payroll. There are no upfront costs, no on-premise servers and there is no need to login to multiple systems. The team has a strong focus on user experience meaning the platform is designed for optimum efficiency and minimal user effort.

Octopaye is oceans apart from the clunky, legacy payroll platforms that leave users battling with multiple logins across several systems. It’s flexible, lighting-fast and scalable so it can grow and adapt as your business needs change.

The software received HMRC approval in 2019 and is fully compliant with UK legislation. Recruit Payroll clients can rest assured they will receive the same exceptional service and cutting-edge software, it’s just a different name above our door.

For more information visit: or contact us with any queries.

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