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What To Do Before Choosing A New Payroll Software

Changing payroll software can seem quite daunting, there are a number of things to bear in mind to ensure you find the right solution for your company and the industry in which you operate. To make the task easier, here is a run down of what you should do prior to making the move!

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Before choosing a new software, you should check if the payroll software fits your requirements. There is hardly any point in opting for a software that does not get the work you need done!

Here are some of the features you should look for in the software:

Number of companies and users - If your business is doing payroll for a number of companies/clients, how many different companies will you need to process payroll for? It will be important to ensure that any software you purchase includes a licence for the required number of companies.

Number of employees - How many employees do you need to process payroll for this year? When working out this figure, include seasonal changes and how this effects resulting staff levels.

Also include starters and leavers because if someone leaves, their details will need to remain on your payroll software for the year as they will need to be included in year-end reports.

Many payroll solutions will be priced and divided out by employee number bands, so it is important to have this figure in mind when researching potential suppliers.

Payroll frequencies and types - How often do you need to pay employees? Is it weekly, monthly or every two weeks? Also, does every employee get paid in the same manner or do you have some employees who are paid monthly and some who are paid weekly? It’s worth taking this into consideration.

In terms of the type of payroll, are employees paid standard PAYE, Umbrella PAYE, CIS, or have you a mixture of all three? Ensure to check that any potential payroll solutions can cater for the payroll frequencies and type of payroll you need.

Support and Development - Does the provider offer a strong support network with the option for development support to create bespoke additions.

Complying with legislation - Aside from standard payroll law, are there any other pieces of legislation that the company you will be doing payroll for needs to comply with? If so, it is important to factor this in to ensure any software packages you consider will be legally compliant. One example of legislation that may need to be catered for by a payroll package would be the Pension Auto Enrolment.

White label - Does the software have the capability to white label, so that your payslips and portals can be customised to maintain your companies branding.

It's important to maintain your professional image, Recruit Payroll gives you the ability to fully brand the software with your own name, logo, colours and more.

Types of payslips to use - Will you be printing out payslips for employees? If it’s a yes, what stationery will you print them on (plain paper, standard payslips or customised payslips, do you need to post payslips out to employees? Remember to factor in the costs of postage and envelopes)?

Alternatively, would you prefer to email payslips to employees? If so, will the potential payroll solutions you are considering allow you to email them securely? Make sure you check this.

Do you need to be mobile? If you need to process payroll from various locations or would like to have access on the move from mobile devices, a cloud payroll software solution could be for you. As well as giving you access from anywhere, cloud packages will likely have an option where you can pay on a monthly basis, allowing you to spread the cost of your software and avoid a large initial outlay.

Let us simplify the process!

Visit to talk through your specific requirements.

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