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In the fast-moving world of temporary recruitment, working with a payroll provider that keeps you ahead of the curve while providing a safe pair of hands is essential; and we have found that by working in partnership with Recruit Payroll.

When starting our own business after many years of working in the Umbrella industry; we understood how important it was to build our business around a robust payroll platform supported by industry experts.  We wanted our focus to be in bringing in business with the confidence that all of our payrolls and reporting were going to be produced accurately, reliably and swiftly. 

We needed confidence that pay slips and communications were produced automatically and in line with our needs and, heaven forbid, should our Clients run into issues we needed a payroll platform flexible enough and supported proactively to smooth out any bumps in the road painlessly.


By partnering with Recruit Payroll, we have all of the above and more.


Recruit Payroll’s branded platform and documentation cast us in the most professional light from the agency/ candidates first introduction and their support structure enables rapid escalation of issues to be addressed.


Being UK based, Recruit Payroll are on hand for any onsite training, support and Client presentations.  During these difficult times, having a partnership with Recruit Payroll gives us peace of mind and the confidence that our business will continue to grow.


Managing Director, Leading Umbrella Provider

Taylor made Payroll

As a recruitment business we were keen to operate our own payroll platform and had outgrown the “Standard” add on platform offered by our accounting software.


After meeting several providers, I chose to work with Recruit Payroll for 2 main reasons; the speed and ease of use of their system as it delivers everything I need, and the flexibility they showed in the pricing really helped me at a time when we were growing our contractor numbers.


Recruit Payroll offered me a very competitive per user deal and I have been delighted with the way this has worked for my business.

David Steen, Managing Director, Taylor Made Payroll

Barnet Solutions

Barnet Solutions specialises in finding Outsource opportunities for businesses globally looking to drive efficiency and cost down in the Back Office space. We have several clients operating payroll services and were keen to find a platform that their teams could use that was simple, accurate and could be scaled quickly. 

We particularly loved the fact Recruit Payroll had been developed with specific users in mind, and as they have HMRC recognition it became an easy decision to make. They were very helpful in migrating records from our clients and I have been very impressed with the fact we have had very few errors or queries. 

I am happy to recommend Recruit Payroll.

George Clarke, Director, Barnet Solutions


Address: Recruit Payroll, Riverside, Mountbatten Way, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1DY


Phone: 01260 765 005


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